Secret Location Wallsend

Newcastle is famous for its culture and nightlife, but if you’ve already done it to death and are looking for a North East break somewhere a little different, why not consider spending a weekend in Wallsend? Found in North Tyneside, this area is just three and a half miles away from the centre of Newcastle which makes it easy to reach from the city.

Wallsend has much to offer to history enthusiasts. its name derives from the fact that it is the location of the end of Hadrian’s Wall, a famous Roman wall which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many people come to this area to follow the long-distance Hadrian’s Wall Path, which stretches from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway – a route of 84 miles. For walking enthusiasts, this is one of the most interesting and historic walking routes England has to offer. Although long the route is relatively easy and well signposted, and as it’s a popular route you’ll never be short of other walkers to meet. In Roman times, Wallsend was called Sedgedunum, and evidence of its historic past can be seen scattered throughout the town.

The town has really expanded in the years since World War 2 and has a busy centre filled with shops. The historic Holy Cross area of the town contains the ruins of a medieval church – an interesting diversion – while the picturesque Wallsend Green is a great place to take a relaxing stroll.

If you’re interested in Roman history or simply want to treat yourself to a relaxing stay somewhere a little out of the ordinary, consider booking yourself a bed and breakfast in Wallsend. You can find comfortable and affordable accommodation for this lovely area of the North East right here on our directory.