Secret Getaways

Looks like you have found our secret getaways page, shh! Here we will reveal our monthly top secret location where you will find nothing but yourself or a loved one.

The Brother’s Place

Located on the infamous ‘Beaver Island’ and reopening just over a month ago for the summer of 2015, The Brother’s Place is the true meaning of ‘getaway’. Completely secluded with nothing but the sound of nature clashing between the trees. The Brother’s Place has been a little known secret for a decade now and has withheld a steady reputation for being the perfect vacation.

The Brother’s Place now offers a delicious breakfast, intriguing novels and a place to stay. But what it used to offer is something much more interesting. The Brother’s Place was once a summer retreat for Christians for more than 70 years.

As mentioned, The Brother’s Place is a great location for some alone time, but it can also be a great place for gatherings, whether a business meeting or a family retreat, it is open for all.


Beaver Island tends to be reached by either ferry or plane from Charlevoix Michigan. They’re two airlines serving Beaver Island daily year round and ferry service runs from April to around Christmas.