Places to Visit Abroad

Here is our Top 5 places to visit abroad in no particular order:

5. France

One of the most underrated places in the world in our opinion, France has everything you could ask for in a holiday: sun, beaches, skiing and most importantly a good mixture of urban and rural life. Paris is the obvious choice and for good reason. But venture out and you will find several beautiful cities filled with friendly locals. It’s also not too far you don’t have to worry about sitting on a plane for 10 hours. It is also accessible via ferry.

4. Turkey

Becoming increasingly popular year by year, Turkey is one of the worlds favourite holiday destinations. Turkey is not only a fantastic destination with countless activities in the sun, but it is very reasonable when it comes to price. The Turkish locals are among the nicest you will ever meet and will do everything possible to ensure you have a fun stay.

3. Egypt

Something that you can’t put a price on is history, something that Egypt has plenty of. Each day in Egypt feels like a blockbuster movie, the sites are overwhelming and a visit to the pyramids is something that will never be forgotten. Be prepared for some serious heat, particularly in the desert, Egypt can get up to ungodly numbers of temperature!

2. Thailand

Many are surprised at just how beautiful Thailand really is. Like everywhere, Thailand has it’s good areas and it’s bad, but there are much more good than bad and the good is outstanding. Each location above mentioned brings something unique to the table, Thailand brings culture. If you’re a towny, you will love the busy markets and certain aura that Thailand brings.

1. USA

Drum roll please… the United States of America takes the gold, and this time not in the Olympics, but our Top 5 Abroad destinations. Much more of an honor if you ask us. The USA is usually what pops into everyone’s head when dreaming about where to go and it’s time you found out why! The USA is everything you would think and more. From Times Square to The Grand Canyon, the USA has it all and then some.