Passports and Documentation

Here are the terms to consider when reviewing your


If you are renewing your passport, you will need to hand in your previous passport. If your previous passport is lost or stolen you will need to request an additional form from the post office which then must be submitted along with the original form. It is best to get your passport photos taken at a professional booth which can be found in most malls. The photo usually has to be taken within a month of applying for your passport. It is also advised that you have your passport forms checked by the post office before you send as this eliminates the chance of your forms being returned due to an error. This may cost more money but it could save you money in the grand scheme of things.


Check in advance all of your received emails from your Travel Agent and print out anything that may be of use. It is better to have more documents than necessary than to miss something which could result in a fine or not being able to travel. Most airlines also require you to check in online. Just log in with some of your holiday details and it should be easy!

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