Most Disappointing Cities

On the flip side of our other posts. Here we will discuss the top disappointing cities that you should reconsider visiting.

Milan, Italy

When you’re thinking about places to visit, particularly in Europe, Milan is one of the first that comes to mind. Granted Milan is a great fashion destination, but if you’re looking for sightseeing or a nice relaxing holiday you can think again. You could probably visit anywhere worth noting in about an hour and then your lost for things to do in Italy. If you’re a shop-o-holic then you won’t be complaining, there are more shops than you can count with top designer brands and the latest in fashion wear. However, if you’re looking for a traditional getaway, look somewhere else.

Brussels, Belgium

If you’re visiting Brussels for the history, chances are you will be disappointed. Brussels is just about anything but glamorous, the city is relatively dull and doesn’t have much to offer in terms of things to do. Like anywhere, the city has it’s good and it’s bad, but unfortunately it has a lot more bad.