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Welcome to our bed and breakfast site

If you need any help, please note that will soon have a very easy to use accommodation search facility and also offers reviews of various B+B's and guesthouses in addition to hotels. Not only that but there will also be an easy online booking form to use if you want to book accommodation.

We hope that this will provide all the resources that you need for a successful search and a great booking - of course, if you have any suggestions or questions regarding using our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We strive to provide you with an outstanding, easy to use service when you're in search of a bed and breakfast, hotel, guesthouse or any other type of accommodation for your holiday, weekend break or business trip.

UK Bed & Breakfast

What is a bed and breakfast? Well, as many people who are UK citizens will often come across, B&B accommodation is almost as traditional as fish and chips, or supporting Manchester United - in short, they are very popular and widespread. As the name suggests, you will receive a place to sleep and be provided with a meal in the morning. Often, they are private homes which may have under 10 bedrooms in them - however, don't be put off by this; although they are often smaller than hotels and may not have facilities such as pools or gyms, they more than make up for this in the level of service and hospitality they offer. Furthermore, whilst a hotel may be part of a chain, a B&B will usually have much more personality and give you a true picture of the place you are visiting, offering a more memorable and individual experience.

Unique Getaways

There are many benefits of staying in one of these great establishments, including cheapness, hospitality, having a freshly prepared meal in the morning, and the local knowledge your hosts will possess. Often there may be more bed and breakfasts in seaside towns, where people in the UK have traditionally spent holidays for many years, in places such as Blackpool in England. However, you will find a huge selection of accommodation across the whole country, from rural areas to large cities and everywhere in between. Wherever you want to go, you're certain to find great accommodation right here when you search with us.

Leisure and Personal Trips

Of course, whilst bed and breakfasts can have many benefits for those on business trips, they may hold even more appeal for those on personal trips. This is because often the visitors might have convivial relations with the owners of the bed and breakfast.So, whilst it might be possible, to have friendliness in a hotel, of course, it would more unusual to meet the manager or even owner of a hotel, whilst with a bed and breakfast, one can meet people in their own home - that does not get more friendly and familiar. A B&B offers a truly different kind of experience, so why not book yourself a room in one of these fantastic places for your next getaway? You can find outstanding accommodation throughout the UK by using these simple directory listings.

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Bed And Breakfast For Business

Bed and breakfast for business can be very useful, as it can be cheap and convenient, whilst also allowing one to have time to relax in what can be an unusual environment. Whilst hotels can obviously be friendly, they might be hard-pressed to compete with the familiarity of a small business such as a bed and breakfast.

Romantic Holidays

Choosing A Bed And Breakfast

There are many things to think about when choosing a bed and breakfast. For example, first of all, will it be in the summertime or tourist season that you are visiting a bed and breakfast? One of the main problems you will have in these times, is of course that you will be competing against tourists etc., in trying to get accommodation, so naturally, book early, as although you may think that it will be difficult to get accommodation during these times, of course if you book at an earlier time, you might be able to get a place during the busy season.

Bed And Breakfast Room Sizes And Features

Another thing to think about is what room size you will want. For example, will you want a room with a double-bed or will a single do - did you want to have an ensuite bathroom and kitchen or will these not be necessary. Furthermore, another thing to consider, is whether a bed and breakfast is smoking or non-smoking and also what other meals will you be ordering during the day - for example, if you are on holiday as opposed to a business trip, to a bed and breakfast, you may want to think carefully about how you will make meals or if they are offered at a reasonable rate at your bed and breakfast.

Bed And Breakfast Location

The London Guide

Another aspect to think about when you are booking a bed and breakfast, is where exactly the location will be. Of course, that is not to talk so much about the particular location, such as a town or city, although that might be a factor for a particular bed and breakfast, but rather how you will get to the bed and breakfast and then travel around whilst you are there.

Of course, if you are going by car, that should not be a problem, but then another thing to think about is if there is car-parking where you are going and of course, how close it is to the places that you would like to visit, such as your place for business or sites that you want to visit whilst on holiday.

Bed And Breakfast Associations

Did you know that bed and breakfasts may be affiliated to professional organisations? Yes, that is right, even though they may be small family businesses, they may also be run to a high standard and on professional lines.

So, that way you can try to ensure sufficient levels of quality, whilst at the same time have the comfort and relaxed environment that bed and breakfast accommodation may offer in comparison to hotels. Thus, if you are not sure about a bed and breakfast in an area, you can try to see if it has official accreditation.

Obviously, if they have gone to the trouble of getting this, they would not particularly want to risk losing it and would thus try to adhere to any standards that are enforced by that association.

Welcome to the Bed and Breakfast site with every accomodation available throughout the UK. Simply use the map at the top of this page to find an area with B&B's in, booking a Bed & Breakfast couldn't be easier!

Types Of B&B Bedroom

To summarise, there are approximately three types of B&B accommodation. Firstly and at the top stage, there are Deluxe bed and breakfasts. Deluxe bed and breakfast for example may even have additional items such as jacuzzis. Next is En-suite bed and breakfast accommodation, which would contain a toilet, wash-basin and a shower or bath.

Lastly in terms of bed and breakfast accommodation would be Standard bed and breakfast accommodation which would obviously have less features, such as a shared bathroom etc..

Bed And Breakfasts Versus Hotels

Obviously, there are many benefits regarding bed and breakfasts and many chains such as Travelodge or Premier Travel Inn are able to complete well in the industry, particularly for business travellers. However, of course, for those on holiday, there might be little to compare between a bed and breakfast and hotel, as long as the bed and breakfast was of a sufficiently high standard.

Thus, whilst hotels may have taken some of the customers regarding business travellers, for those bed and breakfasts in a holiday location, they may still be able to complete well, as they are able to offer familiarity as opposed to a more common approach to accommodation. This is because, bed and breakfast accommodation can offer friendliness and of course, due to their ownership often possibly being a husband and wife operation, they may very much be individual and with their own characters.

Bed And Breakfast International Comparison

So, of course, whilst the concept of a bed and breakfast may be thought of as a very British institution, in fact, it may be of interest to know, that the concept of a bed and breakfast is very much alive in other countries, although of course under different names in many places.

For example, in the United States, they are very popular and may also try to create an ambiance that is historical in nature. They may also offer things such as conference facilities to keep in competition with hotels. Also, they are popular in Spain, by those who may have lifestyle motives to run one, rather than aspiring to be as commercial as hotels.

On the other hand, some countries like Australia may have much less popularity for bed and breakfasts than countries such as New Zealand which might actually have more bed and breakfasts, even though they have a much smaller population. Of course, there are economic as well as cultural reasons for variations in bed and breakfast popularity around the world.

Bed & Breakfast Conclusion

So, we hope that can offer you information that you need for anything related to bed and breakfasts or indeed help with guesthouse and hotel booking. Have you never been to a bed and breakfast before - how about considering whether to try to find one? Are you already familiar with bed and breakfasts and want to find a new one - we hope that we can help.

Do you already know which bed and breakfast you want to visit again and want to book online - that is why we are here. - we hope that we can help with bed and breakfast or in addition guesthouse and hotel accommodation around the UK and of course visitors, if you have any questions about our bed and breakfast site accommodation site, do not hesitate to get in touch - your bed and breakfast or even guesthouse and hotel stay is our aim to facilitate.